Nori Supplier Dictionary

A list of Nori’s common terms

Aggregator: An individual or entity who is assigned ownership and manages a portfolio of projects on behalf of multiple Suppliers and/or project owners.

Assignment of Authority:  If the Primary Contact, the individual signing the Nori Regenerative Tonne agreement with Nori, has a project that includes leased lands, they must have legal authority from the landowner to participate in the Nori marketplace. This is generically known as an Assignment of Authority and its contents are driven by state law requirements. The Assignment of Authority provides the lessee Primary Contact the right to participate in the Nori marketplace by the landowner and is meant to prevent fraudulent claims.

Buyer: An entity or individual who buys Nori Regenerative Tonnes. 

Carbon Quantification Tool (CQT): An entity or technique qualified to convert operating data and other evidence into Nori Regenerative Tonne estimations with an associated uncertainty range. CQTs are independently peer-reviewed, replicable, and subject to continuous improvement.

Data Manager: An entity or individual who directly helps Suppliers collect, organize, and report the data needed to to register their projects and receive Nori Regenerative Tonnes. Project owners can add Data Managers to their projects. A Data Manager can be identified as a Secondary Contact for the Supplier.

Data Platform Provider: An administrator of a software platform that Suppliers might use to collect, organize, and store data that could make it easier for them to participate in the Nori marketplace. A Data Manager can also be, but is not necessarily, a Data Platform Provider.

GEOjson: A standard format designed for representing field boundary files, such as the simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes. It is based on the JSON format.

GGIT: The commercial implementation of a Greenhouse Gas Implementation Tool model (“GGIT”) that meets the USDA Blue Book greenhouse gas and carbon stock and flux estimation guidance and is administered by SoilMetrics. 

Grandfathered Nori Regenerative Tonnes - Grandfathered Nori Regenerative Tonnes are only available in the Nori Program. These represent tonnes of carbon removed as a result of practice changes that were implemented on or after January 2013. A grower can earn a maximum of 4 years worth of grandfathered Nori Regenerative Tonnes.

Nori Project: An activity or combination of activities that can result in the incremental removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and the retention of the recovered C in a terrestrial reservoir (which can be soils, root systems, aboveground biomass, mineral reserves, marine plant systems, underground reservoirs, or manufactured products and buildings, or the built environment).

Nori Regenerative Tonne: A digital environmental asset created and issued by Nori Inc that represents one metric ton (tonne, or “t”) of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) removed from the atmosphere and retained in some organic or inorganic form in a terrestrial reservoir for at least 10 years. Nori Regenerative Tonnes will be sold only over the Nori platform, and each Regenerative Tonne may be traded only once. Nori Regenerative Tonnes are retired (as in no longer tradable) after the first time they are exchanged.

Primary Contact: The owner, or the designated representative of the owner(s) of any land, buildings or operations involved in a Nori Project, also referred to as the Supplier. When multiple parties have real interest in the land, buildings and/or operations on which a Nori Project is based, all of those parties must formally assign authority to both a Primary and Secondary Nori Project Contact to represent all of the owners in respect of the management of reporting for and sale of Nori Regenerative Tonnes arising from the project.  

Project Collaborator - A Nori Project Collaborator is a Nori user who can help add crop data to a Nori Project, including adding new fields and running the quantification model. Project Collaborators may also request verification, but they cannot rename the project, add collaborators, or own the issued Nori Regenerative Tonnes.

Project Owner - A Project Owner is a user in the Nori app who is primarily responsible for the Nori Project, and who has the rights to change the name of the project, add Project collaborators, and will be the person who is the owner of the Nori Regenerative Tonnes once they are issued. 

Regenerative Practice: Any practice that increases the stock of soil organic carbon. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: reduced or no tillage, the addition of crops to alleyways in orchard and vineyard systems; wheat following annual crops; biodiversity in cropping rotations; cover crops, particularly legumes; adding perennials (grasses, alfalfa); reduced cuttings of perennials; increased manure usage; and longer growing seasons.

SAM: Supply Account Manager; a Nori team member who works with Primary Contacts, Suppliers, Data Managers and Aggregators to get projects enrolled in the Nori marketplace. 

Secondary Contact: A person or entity who will represent the owner(s) of any land, buildings or operations involved in a Nori Project if the Primary Contact is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties,

SoilMetrics Platform: The platform and company that administers the commercial implementation of a Greenhouse Gas Implementation Tool model (“GGIT”) that meets the USDA Blue Book greenhouse gas and carbon stock and flux estimation guidance.

Supplier: The Supplier is the individual whose has implemented practices that create the underlying carbon removal claim forming the basis of the Nori Regenerative Tonne. A Supplier may, but does not have to be, the Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, and/or Data Manager associated with a Nori Project.

Switch Year: The point in time where the historical and regenerative practice lines diverge and is necessary for modeling the necessary trend lines to calculate incremental carbon stock changes and quantify Nori Regenerative Tonne.

QA: Quality Assurance; the process of reviewing a Nori Project for errors prior to sending the project to verification. 

Verifier: A Nori approved professional, in good standing, who is bound by a standard or ethical code to put the interests of their clients above their own with respect to a defined and limited class of transactions, and who is qualified to attest to the accuracy of evidence provided by Nori Regenerative Tonne suppliers to a reasonable level of assurance. When an approved Verifier is a corporate entity, Nori asks for both a Primary and Secondary Contact for the corporate entity, both of which must be fiduciaries.

Verification: A third-party audit conducted by a Verifier to ensure that the data underlying a Nori Project is reliable and replicable, there is evidence of a Switch Year and practice changes and that the Supplier has landowner authority to enter into the Nori platform.