Certain Nori investors and employees are eligible to claim NORI tokens. These tokens cannot be claimed immediately–they are subject to an unlocking schedule. Once they are unlocked, they can be claimed and then transferred, sold, held or used to buy carbon removals.

Locked NORI tokens (lNORI) represent NORI that are not yet claimed. They are visible in a crypto wallet on the Polygon blockchain but must be claimed in order to be transferred or used. Nori uses a smart contract on the Polygon blockchain to hold Locked NORI and manage the claim schedules in a secure and transparent way. 

Locked NORI and their unlocking schedule are visible in Nori’s Claiming Dashboard. To use the dashboard, connect a qualified Polygon crypto wallet address. From there, you can keep track of their unlocking schedule and claim your NORI when eligible.

Claiming sends unlocked NORI to the connected Polygon crypto wallet where they can be transferred, sold, held or used. See What can I do with NORI tokens? 

For more on claiming: How do I claim NORI?