NORI recipients who have signed up can use Nori’s Claiming Dashboard to view their NORI and claim them when eligible. See How do eligible people sign up to claim NORI?

What’s Required

  • Access to the crypto wallet you signed up with

  • A desktop web browser such as Chrome with the MetaMask extension  

Using the Claiming Dashboard

1. Open your browser and navigate to the Claiming Dashboard:

2. Sign in with the Polygon wallet address you provided for claiming your NORI


  • You can use MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect to any type of wallet, including a hardware wallet. 

  • If you use a hardware wallet, depending on what kind it is you may need to connect it, unlock it with a PIN, and switch it to Polygon.

  • You must use the wallet address you provided to Nori at sign-up.

  • You must connect on the Polygon blockchain network. Even if you use a Polygon address that is the same as your Ethereum address, you need to be on the Polygon network to use the dashboard and claim NORI.

  • If this is your first time using the Polygon blockchain network in MetaMask, you may need to Add the Polygon Network on MetaMask. For more detailed instructions, see Binance Academy’s documentation.

3. View your NORI grant schedule


  • NORI recipients are subject to unlocking schedules ranging from 1 year to 10 years. See What is ‘Locked NORI’ and Claiming?

  • This page will also display if your NORI grant is subject to vesting or if a portion is canceled or revoked.

4. When you are eligible, claim your NORI


  • You will need a small amount of MATIC to pay Polygon network gas fees to claim NORI; see How do I get MATIC to pay Polygon gas fees?

  • Click the ‘Claim NORI’ button to receive NORI into the connected crypto wallet. 

  • You will be prompted to review and approve the transaction and gas fees in your wallet.

  • To view the NORI balance in your wallet, you may need to import the NORI token; for MetaMask instructions see How do I add the NORI token to MetaMask?

  • Once you claim your NORI, you can transfer them to another wallet, bridge them from Polygon to Ethereum, transfer, sell, hold or use them; see What can I do with NORI tokens?

  • Some NORI grants gradually unlock over time, so return to this page later to see if you have more to claim.