How do I claim NORI? Eligible Nori investors and employees must sign up by agreeing to terms before they can claim NORI. See Who is eligible to claim NORI?

Signing up has 2 important functions:

  1. Review and sign a legal contract containing the terms;

  2. Provide a Polygon wallet address where the NORI can be claimed when eligible.

How eligible NORI recipients sign up:

  • Equity investors - sign warrant agreement and provide wallet address

  • SAFT investors - sign token purchase agreement and provide wallet address

  • Republic crowdfunding investors - submit wallet address in the Republic platform

  • Employees (including the company founders, advisors and early contractors) - sign token grant agreement and provide wallet address

  • Suppliers - stay tuned for more information for farmers who sell carbon removal through Nori

For more on how to establish a wallet address to provide when signing up, see How do I establish a cryptocurrency wallet address?

After signing up, recipients are able to view their NORI on the Claiming Dashboard. See How do I claim NORI?