The NORI token is launching in 2023 on the Polygon blockchain. Eligible investors and employees can use a Polygon wallet address to claim NORI tokens. For more information, see What is ‘Locked NORI’ and Claiming?

How do I Choose a Wallet?

Hardware and software wallets can be used for NORI tokens on Polygon. Hardware wallets generally prioritize security over convenience, while people who prefer convenience over security may choose software wallets. 

To learn about the differences between hardware and software wallets, see this 5-minute video What is a crypto wallet? For recommendations on wallets see the article Best Polygon MATIC Wallets.

Ultimately, the choice of a wallet and the responsibility to protect your cryptocurrency is up to you. For a helpful guide to crypto security and common crypto scams, see Ethereum Security & Scam Prevention published by 

How do I Set Up a Polygon Wallet?

Whether it’s a hardware or software wallet, you will need to add the Polygon network and create a Polygon wallet address in order to use the NORI token on Polygon.

MetaMask Resources

How to Add Polygon to MetaMask - a guide by Binance Academy with instructions on how to set up a Polygon wallet on MetaMask

Polygon MetaMask Tutorial - a video by MoneyZG channel shows how to connect MetaMask to Polygon 

(note: the first 3 minutes and 14 seconds has the basics you need; it covers the same basics as the guide by Binance above; then the rest of this video also shows Polygon Bridge which you may not need; additionally, the website has been updated since this video was made, so the link to Polygon Wallet has moved to the section called dApps > PoS Wallet, or you can navigate directly to Polygon Wallet at

How do I add the NORI token to MetaMask - once you have set up Polygon in MetaMask, this shows how to import the NORI token to see your NORI balance and use NORI

Ledger Resources

Set up a Polygon (MATIC) account in Ledger Live - a guide by Ledger on how to set up a Polygon wallet on a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet

The Safest Way to Use MetaMask With Ledger Hardware Wallet - a guide by Ledger on how a Ledger hardware wallet works with MetaMask

If you use a hardware wallet such as a Ledger, you would still use MetaMask software to connect your hardware wallet to online apps, as that second guide explains. The hardware wallet stores your private keys offline, and you physically connect your hardware wallet to sign and confirm transactions.

Nori is not able to provide personalized support for wallet setup. We encourage you to follow these guides closely. There is no recourse and Nori does not have any control once NORI tokens are sent to your wallet address.

Can I use an existing Polygon wallet?

If you have an existing Polygon wallet, you can choose to use that for your NORI. Or you may prefer to create a separate wallet if you want to keep your NORI cryptocurrency in its own account. You can use NORI in any Polygon wallet you choose. 

Can I use an existing non-Polygon wallet?

No, you must use or establish a Polygon wallet for NORI. For example, if you have an existing Bitcoin wallet, you cannot use that for NORI.

Is my Polygon wallet address the same as my Ethereum wallet address?

Your Ethereum and Polygon addresses may be the same, because NORI and Polygon are Ethereum-based, but it’s not the same account and your balances are not the same on Polygon as on Ethereum. It’s your responsibility to set up your wallet to work with Polygon for using NORI.

How do I find my Polygon wallet address?

Once you have set up a Polygon wallet, you can find and share your address in order to receive NORI or other cryptocurrency on Polygon. A wallet address is a string starting with “0x” followed by 40 more numbers and letters. It is the same format as an Ethereum wallet address.

The exact steps to get your address will depend on which wallet you chose, and you should follow the guides closely. See the resources above for MetaMask and Ledger.