Verification Checklist

We've created a simple checklist for you to reference as you navigate through the Verification phase of project enrollment. For more detail on the verification process, check out this article. (SAM = "Supply Account Manager," your main contact at Nori helping you with your project enrollment)

  1. Project Finalization

    1. Ensure boundaries and practice data are accurate

    2. Review and finalize field sets (some may need removed if unqualified and/or evidence cannot be found to prove "switch", no assignment of authority, etc.)

  2. Verification Process

    1. Project Bid Info filled out by Supplier and SAM (see image below)

      1. SAM sends email to all verifiers with project bid info

    2. Supplier receives bid from verifier(s)

    3. Supplier chooses verifier

      1. SAM sends over Verification Prep Template to chosen verifier:

        1. Contains landowner info, parcel/land info, code/IDs for the app, etc. 

        2. SAM and Supplier fill this out together

      2. SAM gives verifier access to supplier project on Nori app for data audit

      3. Supplier sends all assignments of authority (all people listed on each deed)

    4. Verification begins

      1. What to have prepared for verifier:

        1. Assignments of Authority (For everyone on the deed)

        2. Evidence organized

        3. Meeting times (schedule them, show up!)

          1. Understand that any delays may push back verifiers by weeks as they will begin a new project if the current one is not ready

  3. NRT Agreement 

    1. Sign NRT Agreement

    2. NRTs are issued to supplier

    3. “Supplier profile” is created that contains project info (e.g. location, methodology/version, farm info, NRTs issued/sold, verification report) 

  4. NRTs Sell

    1. Projects are placed in FiFo queue (see registry

    2. 6 months - 1 year to begin selling NRTs (subject to change)

    3. PC paid monthly once NRTs are actively selling



Figure 1. Project Bid Information template example.

Figure 2. The NRT lifecycle, broken down into five phases. A project enters "Verification" once data have been entered, quantified and reviewed.